What is the Astoria School Foundation?

Organized as the Astoria School District Foundation in 2010, the Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation that supports all public schools in the Astoria School District. The scope of the Foundation was created as a respond to reduced school funding and we determined that our primary focus would be improving the education and opportunities by providing funds to support classroom activities.

Why do we need a Foundation?

When school funding was centralized in Salem in 1990, all districts lost the ability to set their own budgets and began to rely on the State government to allocate per pupil funding. The dollar amount provided is below what is needed to sustain the high quality of schools this community feels is appropriate, and far below what the community used to raise through property taxes. Eighty percent of the School District’s budget pays salaries—less money means fewer teachers and budgets for supplies, technology and field trips.

Where do the donations go?

100% of donations go directly to our schools to help support classroom projects, field trips, assemblies and other opportunities that are not possible because of budget reductions.

Who decides where my donations go?

Every year we open grant opportunities for our teachers to submit requests for classroom projects. The volunteer Foundation board reads each grant and selects the ones that they are able to fund based upon the amount of money available.

How can I give?

In addition to being able to pay online through this website, the Foundation welcomes direct donations at any time. Payments can be made by check or credit card and it is possible to pay in monthly or quarterly installments.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Contributions to the Foundation are exempt from federal income tax under section 170c of the Internal Revenue Code.

Can I earmark my donation to a specific school?

Yes, if you would like to donate to support an individual school, you can specify which school you would like your donation to be given to.

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